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Multiplex IHC

Biocare Medical’s innovative range of Multiplex IHC products, including novel antibody combinations and highly sensitive multiplex detection technology, allow for simultaneous testing for morphologically distinct IHC markers.

  • Simultaneous testing for multiple IHC markers
  • Prevents the unnecessary staining of limited tissue when needed for molecular testing
  • One Multiplex IHC stain can replace up to four single antibody stains, reducing labor & reagent cost by >50 percent
  • The most advanced Multiplex IHC technology available for the clinical laboratory
Antibody Predilute intelliPATH™ VP
ADH-5 (Breast Marker) PM 360DS IP 360 DS VP 360DSK
CD4 (M) + CD8 (RM) PM 395DS

CDX2 + CK7 PM 367DS IP 367 DS
D2-40 + CD31 APR 3021DS

D2-40 + CK8/18 APR 3034DS

D2-40 + Ki-67 PM 399DS

Desmoglein 3 + Napsin A PPM 428DS


ERG-2 (ERG + CK5) API 437DS
GCDFP - 15 + Mammaglobin PM 317DS

Kappa + Lambda PPM 214DS IP 214DS
Ki-67 + Caspase-3 PPM 240DS

L26 + CD3 PM 237DS


Lung Adeno-2™ PPM 394DS

Lung Squamous-2™ PM 391DS

p63 + TRIM29 (SqCC) PPM 427DS

Pan Melanoma + Ki-67 PM 362DS

Pan Melanoma + S100 PPM 213DS

PIN-4™ PPM 225DS

PulmoPanel™ Multiplex IHC PPM 436

TTF-1 + CK5 PM 425DS

Uro-2™ (CK20 + p53) API 3001DS

URO-3 Triple Stain™ PM 370TS